3S Advisory Group has dramatically improved people and processes within manufacturing facilities across the US and Canada for the last decade utilizing principles of the Toyota Production System(TPS). 

In addition to leveraging TPS or Lean principles and tools, we have implemented automation in Lean environments such as Toyota facilities and distribution centers.  We offer this unique knowledge of how and when to apply flexible, cost effective and rapid automation to further accelerate cost savings, reduce lead time and deliver more value to customers.

Some of the typical outcomes we partner with our clients to achieve are:

  • Increasing Safety through Risk Assessments, Risk Elimination and Mitigation 
  • Increasing Quality through Quality Management Reviews and Process Improvement
  • Increasing Productivity through Lean Training and Production Planning
  • Reducing Costs through Purchasing and Inventory Management Assessments
  • Increasing Employee Engagement and Satisfaction through Empowerment
  • Increasing Leaders’ Confidence to Adopt and Leverage the Correct Automation

We invite you to connect with us, so we can learn how we can best help you.